A New Ritual every day

The development + cool not so basic look

Alternative dresses to 17th of may

Healthier and younger-looking skin7 essential ingredients

Video: The skirt that looks good on literally everyone!

Oh so chic (and affordable)


QUER inspiração pra corte e estilo pra um black poderoso? Vai no #gisellafrancisca .com pra mais detalhes dos meus cachos por @neandroferreira - o rei das formas e volume!  ALL things HAIR design and style on LE blog. Head to g͟͟i͟͟s͟͟e͟͟l͟͟l͟͟a͟͟f͟͟r͟͟a͟͟n͟͟c͟͟i͟͟s͟͟c͟͟a͟͟.c͟͟o͟͟m͟͟ and see more pics of my hair styles by @neandroferreira and his amazing shapes & volume skills!

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