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The development + cool not so basic look

Alternative dresses to 17th of may

Healthier and younger-looking skin7 essential ingredients

Video: The skirt that looks good on literally everyone!

Oh so chic (and affordable)


I've been getting a lot of good feedback about this post, how it inspired some people, how it made them to feel good about themselves and I am just so thankful. It has a great meaning to me to share my feeling and thoughts and to know there is people feeling the same. No reason to not support each other. We need examples and need to feel represented. Have a good one y'all!  TENHO RECEBIDO feedbacks positivos desse meu post e estou feliz em saber que tocou às pessoas e as fizeram se sentir mais perto de mim. Não é todo dia que eu divido pensamentos e sentimentos mais íntimos e fico muitíssimo agradecida em saber que faz diferença na vida das pessoas, as inspira e as fazem sentir-se representadas! A gente precisa de mais disso. Obrigada gente! ❤️ #gisellafrancisca #lovetheskinouarein #honormycurves #celebratemysize #effyourbeautystandards #eusouleu

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