A New Ritual every day

The development + cool not so basic look

Alternative dresses to 17th of may

Healthier and younger-looking skin7 essential ingredients

Video: The skirt that looks good on literally everyone!

Oh so chic (and affordable)


LBD! Impressive how this dress works my curves! Ladies, get one! More images of my exclusive LOOKBOOK for #zizziblacklabel on LE blog. ✨✨ UM VESTIDO PRETO É UM VESTIDO PRETO NÉ? Amo ainda mais sendo de viscose com um drapeado na cintura que deixa as curvas Ó!!! Veja mais imagens do meu lookbook pra #zizzifashion no meu blog. #gisellafranciscaforzizzi #goldenconfidence #lbd

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