VLOG: meu novo cabelo

VLOG: Afro Loiro e show de tendências na Suécia

Looks Plus Size de festa

Look plus size – tendência pra ficar ligada

Diario de maternidade – chegando ao segundo mês

Inclusão e diversidade: moda para todos na Lindex


A lot of people ask me what's is it about being a blogger and what it takes to succeed. I am still learning. I have started my career as a journalist and brand strategist so I would say that to have a consistent content, both image and text is the key. More like an editorial than a selfie in the mirror kinda thing. But I'm still learning. I keep my eyes open, talk to people that I admire and try to keep it real, to do my own thing, to be honest and ethical in my relations and basically do what I want and believe in. You can't be in it for the money but for the value of helping to inspire others to see beauty in the everyday life and mostly a whole world of natural beauty that is beyond any standards. Again, I'm still learning (didn't learn to not write too much though). ✨✨ FICOU GRANDE MAS É PERTINENTE. Ser blogger? Pq? Estou escrevendo em português agora no meu Facebook. Vem saber mais. #gisellafrancisca #curlsgonewild #curlyhairdocare #afrohair #lovetheskinyouarein

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