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It is written by the journalist and brand concept specialist Gisella Francisca and presents an international perspective, with a Brazilian twist, on style & fashion, lifestyle and, mainly on self esteem and self-acceptance. 

Here, style, beauty and body positivity are tools for promoting self-love and self-acceptance, despite gender, size of clothes or body shape. This channel’s mission is through good quality and up to date content, to spread a “self-image freedom” culture, inspiring and encouraging men and women to break free from beauty standards and so experience self esteem and accept what is natural on them. offers a professional high-level content (journalistic texts, videos or images). The photography and the videos are produced with professional equipment under art direction and curation by Gisella Francisca. The content ranges from style consultancy, beauty & fashion tutorials, national & international trend research, trend reports, travel guides or food. 


Fashion journalist and brand concept specialist Gisella Francisca was born in Rio and is currently based in Oslo-Rio. Works in international environments providing the blog with multicultural overview on fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle.

Is the founder, voice and face of and has a special passion to style as an expression of the individual’s personality. With the site, Gisella proves that style is completely independent of size or fashion rules established by the industry. “I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and to use their bodies and images to express themselves”.

“Style is individual, is born with you and fashion is designed by the industry. So the most important is to know who you are and to value it. To be comfortable with yourself and so, your image. Then the style comes more naturally and can be used as a meaningful tool for self-expression. 


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