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VLOG: Blond Afro hair trends show in Sweden

VLOG: Blond Afro hair trends show in Sweden

And then I became blonde.

It has been such a great adventure with happy endings. Let me make it short:

I have been considering to get blonde for a while now. Since the end of my pregnancy I have been visiting professionals to get advice and find the right one to help me through my blonde ambition. Finally I got to my friend Eirik Thorsen from Adam og Eva Grensen, in Oslo. The invited me to be a model on a Redken show he carried out in Sweden together with Tonja Dahlen from Adam og Eva Strøget – also in Oslo.


NEW VIDEO: a Diva makeup look simplified

NEW VIDEO: a Diva makeup look simplified

So I am back on my Youtube channel. Yes I’ve got one and I love it. Unfortunately haven’t been able to give it the right attention but now I am back with a new makeup tutorial.

It is a killing look, in a diva style, made simple, so mostly everybody can achieve it. Good thing about it is that you can use your favorite colors and create your own personal version. The aim is to inspire and share my techniques. It can help some people, as others help me too. Awnnn

Scroll down for th video and please, give it a thumbs up if you like it and share. Remember to subscribe to the channel.


Mama & Baby Beauty Hack

Mama & Baby Beauty Hack

Pregnancy is a great moment to get even more close to yourself and your body. All the changes happening so fast, from how I feel to the way I look, make me to get so inspired to be even more in touch with myself.

One thing I can safely ensure is that we do need a lot of moisturizing, vitamins as well as a good and balanced diet and lots of rest.

To invest in time for yourself becomes even more important while pregnant. It is such as great feeling to have a type of everyday homespa, with your favorite products. It surely helps to go through the crazy and changing times.

Here I share some of my current favorites. Not only for myself but for my soon to come baby boy.


Easy smokey eye and bold lips: one look fits all

Easy smokey eye and bold lips: one look fits all

This is one versatile look! It fits mostly all skin tones, can me achieved with several sorts of products and colors. Here a tutorial on how to create an smokey eye with bold lips – a winner look.

First things first, on clean face I apply my daily moisturizer and my current favorite primer – Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer.


For the eyes you want to have a darker and a lighter shades that match well together. I picked Shocking Shadow Shimmer in shades 05 (darker) and 15.

1 – An eyeshadow brush (I am using the 239 from Mac – a rounded edge helps to hold the powder product) and the darker shade of the eyeshadow.

2 – Apply the product from the crease, moving up in the brows direction. Hold the brush inwards your crease so it gets darker in the area and you end up with a more “open eyes” look.

3 – Now get the lighter shade. Using the same brush, make sure you remove the excess of product before touching the brush on your eyes.

4- You want to apply the product in the eyelid, more like depositing the powder than working with brushing.

If you wanted to stop the eye makeup there for a softer look, like for work and such, you could just get some mascara on and voilà. But I would not settle for it just yet. Let’s move further.



Now it is time to blend. Get yourself a fluffy brush and blend out the lines, softening the transitions between the shades and your skin. Here I am using the Mac 224 Tapered brush.

gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 5

Now we need light.

gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 6

Get a lighter shade of eyeshadow. It can be any lighter shade, but I would go for the shimmering ones, in a golden(ish) shade. Here I am using the Elizabeth Arden’s pallete Prismatic Eyeshadow from the Sunset Bronze limited collection.


Just go for it! With a blending brush – here I use the Mac 217 blending brush with natural fibers. It is a good brush for both creamy and powdery products.

Apply eyeshadow or highlighter under the brows and the inner corner of the eyes. Baaam! What a difference it makes, right?

gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 9

Liner time! Get your favorite eyeliner and make your favorite cat eye shape. I tend to not go too extreme, but always try to lift my eyes but drawing an upward line. Here I am using the Long Time Eyeliner in black from Cosmobeauty. 

The pen is so thin and precise. It is def a good product. I am enjoying the brand quite much. Totally recommend it.

gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 10

Now get your favorite mascara and just do not save. The merrier the better. Here I am using the Happy Lashes 3D Fiber Mascara. It is a combination of a gel mascara and fibers, in two separated tubes and used in two steps. First the gel and before it driws you apply the fibers. A fuller and longer lashes look that does work magic in your face.



Get a darker shade of powder – it can be one shade upper your regular face powder. Here I am using the Cosmobeauty Silk Foundation loose powder in shade 06. They have a great range of shades and I found the 5 and 6 perfect for my skin tone.

Use a large powder brush (here Mac’s 150). Applying from my hairline to my chin, downwards to the neck and close to my hairline on the forehead.

This is a soft and fast way to contour your face in a more natural look. But I also like to contour with concealers and creamy products. Contour game super strong!


Now that you created the shades on your face, lets make spotlights. You can use a highlighter or, as I do, an eyeshadow. Apply on the bridge of your nose and on the cupid arc, like, on your lips. :-)

This is a good way of working light and shades in your makeup look, in a more natural and day to day friendly way.

Here using the Prismatic Bronzing Powder from Sunset Bronze Limited Collection.


gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 18gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 19

Lips time. Pick a lip liner of your preference and a lipstick. The liner I am wearing is a long lasting one. But to make sure your lips will be on fleek for longer, make sure it is hidrated, then apply a thin layer of face powder, then you start lining. Not only the powder even the tones but it also helps to keep the products on the skin.

Lip liner is from Cosmobeauty – Longtime Lipliner 05 and the lipstick is from Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Raspberry.


gisella-francisca-afro-natural-sminke-tutorial-cosmobeauty-norge 20

Girl! Here you go! One cute look that can be used in most situations. Get your tools and try it out. Remember to show me your look, I would love to see it.

Products have been sponsored for test. My opinion is based on my experience with the products.

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Next level: new hair design

Next level: new hair design






They say our hair is the frame of our faces. I think the importancy of the hair in your overall look is as important as your clothes. When it looks just like you want it to, It can takes your look to the next level.

That’s how I feel with my new hair design. It looks so edgy, so high end. I am overwhelmed. Maybe it sounds just like, ok, you got a hair cut, so what? So? I gotta tell you a few facts then.

I live in Oslo and spend a lot of time in Rio. In Oslo I haven’t found yet the best fit for me when it comes to a hairdesigner, it ain’t simple when your hair is just so so so much different from the rest of the population. My hairdresser lives in London and also spends a lot of time in Rio. If our schedules don’t match while we are both in Brazil, I got to make it to London then.

Last time I had a haircut was 12 dec, 2014. Ten months ago. The initial design developed each month and I ended up having several shapes until my hair finally reached its usual final state before a urgent haircut – triangled shapes and just a bunch of curls with no design. I had to go.

With the excuse of my past birthday, I decided to give myself a super gift of taking a short trip to London and getting Neandro Ferreira doing his magic on my curls.

Yes, it is worth it. After the session with my I got back in the shapes I like – not so short curls, overall volume, irregular lengths, some longer edges, lighter looking haircut.

Neandro is one of the best hairdresses I know. His creations speak for themselves, The longlasting designs are modern and high end. It is like a siged piece of art. Sassoon academy, beauty director the largest media in Brasil, trendsetter and my friend. I invite you to have a look at his work and let me know what you think. He is an artist.


gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 3gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 1 gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 2gisella-francisca-short-afro-haircut-design- 4 cópia

Diversidade na midia norueguesa

Diversidade na midia norueguesa

gisella francisca body positivity kkdagen 4
In line with my work of self acceptance and positive body image in the media, I partned again with the largest norwegian magazine KK Magazine to talk about my self experience at the KK Dagen for almost one thousand people. Together with other gorgeous ladies, I went on the stage and shared some words on self steem, diversity and body positivity in the media. Check out more details and images here.


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