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Masterchefs Norway!

Masterchefs Norway!

It’s finally time that I can hare with you something I’ve been hardly keeping for myself (ok, some close people know it too) 😉

I am participating on the new edition of Masterchefs Norway. How exciting? I am so thrilled to see myself on TV together will all the amazing people in my group. The show premiers on Monday the 5th of september on TV3, in Norway. But here you can WATCH the episodes ONLINE! Yay!

It all happened so fast.


Preggo Style: How to dress during pregnancy

Preggo Style: How to dress during pregnancy

To start this post, I must tell you that I have been lucky and a very unusual pregnant lady. And it is likely that it shows in the way I have been dressing in the last nine months.

Having found out about my baby boy when I was already 28 weeks far (yes, around 5-6 months – details here) may have influenced the way I have been dressing. Luckily I haven’t changed my style as it is part of me and who I am. Let’s keep this idea in mind, right?


One HUGE surprise!

One HUGE surprise!

Yes it’s true! I’ll be a mother of such a blessed boy. I feel lucky and very happy at the moment. So I would like to share with you here. Note: this is a detailed and honest post.

To summarize, it goes like this … Considering that by now you already know how babies are made, right? AHAHAHA. I am married and we have planned a baby for 2017. So until last February/March I was on birthcontrol and regularly having my period. I was in Brazil, in full swing, traveling back and forth, working hard and being very productive. During that time I haven’t felt any sick, just felt a lot of stomach acidity but did not know it was a symptom of pregnancy.
I got a bit suspicious  when I did not have my period in March / April. I also had other symptoms, that I only recognize as symptoms now after confirming the pregnancy. Such as intestine not working regularly as usual, sensations similar to gases and, of course, bump bigger than usual, although I was eating healthy and being active as well – until I noticed a certain deflating in the rest of the body.

Then I tested when I arrived back in Oslo, wanted to do with my husband, my home. The pregnancy test was positive for 2 to 3 weeks. We were super happy! The next step was to go to my doctor – who suggested an ultrasound. This is where it all turns crazy!


gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-gravida-plus-size-riverisland 4



It was early may and we booked the ultrasound. There the doctor talks to us, we begin the procedure, then he asks me “- Would you like to know the gender?”. Then I go like “Maaan! Advanced medicine here. You able to find the gender already in three weeks?” And he says, first things first, it’s a boy! and all in fine with him. By this this time, hubby and I were crying…  Awwnn a boy?

Then the doctor adds that there is more to it? As if I could handle more, right? My heartbeats were very high and I was kind of afraid he would say I got twins!! He said that in fact it is only one baby, but my calculations were very wrong, like, really very wrong. It turned out our baby was bigger than 3 weeks (I really did not noticed it when I saw his picture in the ultrasound screen, since it was my first time seeing an ultrasound in life!).

So we found out that I had just turned 6 months far in my pregnancy! Maaaan, 6 months!!!  Now I’m in the 32nd week and my buy is due to the middle of August.

What a blessing in our lives!! I’m still walking on clouds. This was actually the best thing that ever happened in my life.

I’m not the romantic type but in this situation I cannot help myself to get all emotional … I feel so good, so fullfilled. Every move he makes (and they are many) I am amazed. I never felt so complete. And I heard that after delivering the baby and the first look on his face in the most amazing time of your life, then you feel like a super-woman.

I’ve been reading a lot, learning a lot. I did all the tests so I know all is fine with him. He grows as expected, moves a lot too. I feel more tired than usual but still do quite a lot. I want to be active as much as I can, then a bit more :-)

This “three months pregnancy” made me to realize that life takes its path despite of your plans. And in the end it all tends to work out for the best. Looking back I can see how things were developing in a type of preparation for my pregnancy, without me even realizing. Everything worked well, even when I thought it was going wrong.

The last six months were the most productive, fun and active that I ever had. If I knew was pregnant, I would not have accepted many invitations of new projects and would have been frustrated. Like I told you, I’m feeling the luckiest woman in the world.

From this post on I start to share more details on my (short) journey to become a mother. I want to thank all the messages of love and positivity I received when I gave the news in one of my live videos on Facebook.

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We had a baby shower, soon details here.

gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-gravida-plus-size-riverisland 3

Body from River Island.

LOOKBOOK Anna Scholz – luxury Plus Size

LOOKBOOK Anna Scholz – luxury Plus Size

Probably you have heard of Anna Scholz. In any case you should see this post. I made a lookbook of my favourite pieces from them and a super nice interview with the designer. She tells us details on her production process, on plus size industry, #plusisequal, #droptheplus, fittings and quality. She also shares her “must-haves” in the closet and new projects. Check this out.

Anna is German and moved to London in a mission of studying fashion design at Central Saint Martins so she could design herself clothes that would full fill her expectations of refined clothes for curvy ladies. In 1995 she presented her first collection and since then has been contributing to the plus size fashion industry with high quality and sophisticated designs to flatter the curvy ladies. Probably her own career as a successful plus size model gave her more grounds to enter the industry in such style. :-)

When I first got my hands on Anna Scholz designs I could immediately see a difference in finish and quality of the fabrics. Then the great fit made me into a new fan of the brand, not only for the clothes themselves but also for the service they provide in the industry, making it possible for plus size ladies as myself to wear luxury designs with amazing fit.

I asked Anna some questions and here you can read in details about the production of a luxury plus size brand, views of an insider of the industry and so get to know better Anna Scholz. The lookbook I produced follows.

– Your designs are sophisticated and timeless. To achieve this level of quality and good fit, what are your main concerns when designing your pieces?

First of all I start with the theme/mood for the season and decide on a colour and print palette. I am passionate about prints and most of our prints are designed by us and exclusive to our brand. I choose the fabrics we print on very carefully as it is important to achieve great definition and colour in our prints. After designing the range I hand groups over to my pattern cutter who will draft our patterns and make the first toile. Fit is key! We fit on 2 different fit models with different body shapes to achieve the best possible shape for curvy women. Choosing the right factories with good craftsmanship is the final hurdle to produce a great garment which will last you for years.

– How do you see the plus size fashion industry nowadays?

I think we have come a long way and have many more choices in plus than ever before, but the plus consumer is very used to budget shopping and reluctant to spend money on quality items for their wardrobe. In straight sizes women buy collections in all different price levels, but in plus there are not many options on the designer level. However, I am very pleased about all the new voices of plus size customers and bloggers on social media creating a new awareness.

– Would you rather drop the “plus size” term or do you see the industry still using it in the future?

I dont have a problem with the term plus size at all as for me it is purely a description. I dont understand what all the fuss is about, there was a whole movement to #droptheplus and when Lane Bryant did their show in September, everyone jumped on the bandwagon #plusisequal again. We are happy and proud to be #exclusivelyplussize

– A lot of regular brands present production costs and fit for all body types as some of the main challenges when producing for full figured ladies. What would be the challenges in your opinion.

They are right, it is a lot costlier to fit for more than one bodytype and then grade all your patterns in 7 sizes like us or only produce around 4 sizes. It took us many years to get our fit spot on and work out our very own grading rules. And again convincing customers to spend more for good quality clothing is harder, our main criticism has always been price point. But we are a small designer brand, garments don’t get mass produced, the fabrics and print development is more expensive ( you use more fabric for plus sizes!) and we work with factories where the workers earn a proper living.

– You are also a great cooker, how do you see fashion and gastronomy alongside in your life?

I am passionate cook and as a creative person all around I love experimenting in the kitchen. I noticed people liking my food posts on Instagram more and more and thought healthy cooking for curves would add another dimension to my brand. SLINK magazine asked me to write a cooking column #annaskitchen for their magazine and I also added a curvy fitness column #healthycurves. We are launching our first fitness range in the new year :) My own journey over the last 5 years has been one of transformation and a healthier lifestyle as I strongly believe that you can be #curvyandhealthy and I love inspiring women to be confident and healthier.

– What are the 3 “must-have” for the plus size wardrobe?

Haha you are asking the wrong person as I have 3 very full wardrobes and love reinventing myself and dress to suit my daily mood. But I would def say well fitting plunge bra, a staple sexy black dress and a great pair of jeans.



annascholz on Facebook!/pages/Anna-Scholz-Fashion/121572474519889 

annascholz on Twitter

annascholz on Pinterest 

annascholz on Instagram


The pieces I wore on the following lookbook

Maxi skater black dress

Crepe corset pink dress

Jersey Wrap Dress in blue




gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 5gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 6gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz (1) gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz-02 gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 7 gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 9

gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 1 gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz-01 gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 4



gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 13gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz-03gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 12 gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 11gisella-francisca-plus-size-luxury-anna-scholz 10


Yme Cafe & the perfect BW look

Yme Cafe & the perfect BW look

One of my favorite things in life is cooking, together with eating, hehehhee. I love all things envolving the making of nice food, since shopping for ingredients to platting and watching people eating my food.

Knowing of this huge passion of mine, the owners of the amazing YME Universe invited me to sell some of my creations at their bookstore/cafe. It is such an honour for me to have my food in such great company, such as the most amazing art/fashion/design books from publishers like Taschen, Rizzoli, as well as the high end clothes from McQueen, Margiela, Lanvin, Marni, Y3 and many others.

Yme is such an amazing place. It is like Colette (Paris) or Dove Street Market (London).  The cafe is like an oasis central Oslo. I am so happy. If the experimental project goes well as we would like it to, it may change a lot my routine. Changes everything. As a journalist and blogger, my life has been so busy and now it is about to get even more busy. But you know what? It is worth it. And thankful I got support from my husband and friends.

As we are just starting, I still have go produce more imagery material so you can better see my food, but here you can see for yourself what I am talking about. PICTURES BELOW.  Guys, wish me luck.

After the great afternoon with a lot of work, we headed to a small halloween dinner at Thatiana’s place. Look at baby Daniel and try not to laugh.

Regarding my outfit, I chose to go for a comfy black and white combo. It is an all time winner. The truth is I did not think to much, just paired things I had in hand and voilá. I love the long blazer with the 3/4 sleeves. So elegant, perfect to elongate the silluete. Now let’s talk acessories. The necklaces are quite cool, not heavy and just match my outfit like a glove. The shoes are a limited edition of Adidas Superstar I got at Yme. The first floor is packed with cool shes for all tastes.

I also need a full paragraph for this bag. It is from Maison Martin Margiela. The Crinclked envelope bag fits a lot inside, is a clutch and a carry on. I am just so so so in love with it. For sale at YME.


Skirt , tee, necklaces and blazer from Zizzi.

Adidas Superstar limited edition available at YME

Bag: Maison Martin Margiela in Oslo is only available at YME.

YME Universe (Cafe at 3rd floor)


The place and the food:

gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 9gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 5gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_5 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 2IMG_6381gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe_6 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 3gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 6gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_4 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 7 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 8
gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 1gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 9

The outfit:

gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_3gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 13gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_2gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 14gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 15



ColorFULL + a denim shirt

ColorFULL + a denim shirt

If I had to pick only a few advices on the perfect wardrobe, surely a denim shirt would be among the precious tips. If only I knew how good it is to have such a piece in my closet, I wouldn’t have taken so long to get myself one.

Although this still ain’t the perfect fit, it has been doing wonders for my outfits. like a pair of jeans, the denim shirt is just so versitile. I love it.

This shirt was bought at Mango in Paris last april. Again, not the perfect fit as it is too square, shoulders are not in the right place. Maybe they meant to make a boyfriend shirt, relaxed, oversized fit. If so, they went totally bananas and just didn’t nailed it.

Anyways, this is the only denim shirt I have. And you, if you have the chance to get yourself one that fits you well and flatter your curves, please do not hesitate. Borrow money, sell another item, do whatever it takes to get yourself a perfect denim shirt.

This look I wore on a sunday to walk around Oslo, visit the open market at Grünnerløkka and see some indie art. If you come to Oslo, make sure you visit the Blå Søndagsmarked, every sunday around Blå and Ingensteds (two cool places that you should go). The area is so so pleasant, buzzy, with young interesting people. I love it. Here is the FB page of the sundays-market.

Another great tip on places to visit in Oslo is the cafe Peloton. It is a cafe and bike repair place? ahahaha Yes, Bike Repair. How cool? Coller than the concept is the interior design. I can’t love it more. Here is their page:

Outfit details:

Denim shirt from Mango (bought last April)

Skirt from Zara (it is about 7 years old! Yes)

Shoes: Adidas Superstar (new)

Bag Celine

Jacket Kapphal (about 1 year old)
gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 19 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 14 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 18 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 12 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 15 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 17 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 16

Blå Søndagsmarked:

gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 6 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 5 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 4 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 3 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 1 (1) gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 2 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 7 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 9 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 11gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 10gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 6gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 8 (1)gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 9gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 8gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 7gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 5


gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 3 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 4 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 2 gisella-francisca-oslo-grunnerlokka-adidas-celine-travel 1

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