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Summer love: the white flowy skater dress

Summer love: the white flowy skater dress

Some say plus size ladies should not wear white. But me? I say plus size ladies should wear whatever they want. There is so much nonsense in fashion rules. Especially if they are related to body shaming and beauty standards. Truth is, you don’t need to please anyone but yourself. And here that’s exactly what I am doing. Besides, who doesn’t love a white dress in the summer?


Two dresses in different styles for day time celebration: 17 may

Two dresses in different styles for day time celebration: 17 may





What to wear for a special celebration during day time? More than often I get messages asking for ideas for a party during the day. But now the doubt is mine so I picked two dresses that I find totally appropriate for the Norwegian National day. They can be styled in different ways, one of them is more statement and the other is more simple, going really well with accessories and colours. Check this out.


Two dresses for day time party that are just gorgeous and affordable

Two dresses for day time party that are just gorgeous and affordable

The Norwegian national day – 17th of may – is approaching and I can already see all the frenesi that surrounds Norwegians by this time of the year. Everybody wants to celebrate the constitution day in style, with friends and family. It is a whole day celebration, starting with the kid parade – which is the main highlight of the day – following by adults party where you drink, eat amazing food and mingle all day long. All you want is to have a beautiful dressed up outfit that allows you plenty of comfort and style.

For a Brazilian living in Oslo, this is an emotional day since we don’t see this patriotism on such a large scale in my country. It is really touching to see people waving the Norwegian flag with so much pride and love.

To make my outfit special and still affordable, I went to Lindex and picked two dresses that may inspire you, yes you, that are still in doubt on what to wear. Thankfully they have larger sizes at Lindex and cute dresses available. Here are my two choices:

gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-plus-size 4gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-antrekk-1gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-antrekk-2gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-antrekk-3


This dress is amazingly beautiful, delicate and elegant. You can get it here:

I heard several times some people say they don’t wear white cause the colour make us look bigger. I mean, this is so not true. First of all, what makes us look bigger is the food we eat. Secondly, white is a great colour, especially for a daytime party dress. I love white and gold with some colourful small details.

You can find the dress here.

gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-plus-size 5gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-plus-size 8 gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-plus-size 6 gisella-francisca-lindex-store-storrelser-17mai-kjole-plus-size 7

This bright red will light up the day. The dress has a plissè skirt that makes the flow light and sweet. Is fits all body types and looks good with a small detail like a metalic belt.

You can find the dress here.

What about you? What would you wear in a day like this?

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Pink every day

Pink every day

I must confess I can get a little too excited when I see cool plus size pieces available in high street brands. It must be because for so long I have felt neglected by so many brands. For countless times I have felt like there was something wrong with me because I wanted to wear a certain piece but they did not have my size. It still happens every now and then.

But the truth is nowadays there is much more availability for large sizes in high street fashion. It is still far from the ideal – and by “ideal” I mean cool, affordable designs, sustainable fashion and opportunities for all. But I got to say I love to see Lindex, for instance, providing fashion in more sizes, for a reasonable price and quality.

When I saw the colour of this dress I was just eager to check if my size was there. Guess what? They had my XL and it went up to XX. I tried it on and voilà, it had to be mine.

After I took the pictures I realised that maybe not everybody would like the shape because it is a bit loose and it may make me look a bit bigger. But girl, come on, what makes us look big is food not clothes ahhahahahaha.

But then again, isn’t that another type of beauty standard? Why should plus size ladies only wear curves flattering clothes? I can easily say that somehow I am also affected by this type of standard. I love myself a bodycon piece that shows the would how beautiful my body is. But most of all, I am a fan of wearing what I like, how I like, when I like. And this dress I love. :-)

Dress and jacket from Lindex. Earrings were custom made for me in Brazil. Hermes bracelet, alliances and Bjørg rings.

lindex-extended-sizes-store-storrelser lindex-extended-sizes-store-storrelser lindex-extended-sizes-store-storrelser

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