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The contrasts

How to style the army green dress: a modern classic

How to “denim”! The jeans you will wear everywhere



Been running around to cross all the hundreds thousands of to-dos on my list. I am still struggling with the balance between working for myself  and being a mum, wife, friend, and still, have some privacy or “me” time. Of course I will soon find out of it. Many women live like that and do not even have the chance to share with the father of the kid.

Last Sunday we been out for a family brunch. It was so good to realise the time, to measure how long it has been already after we became 3. Mikkel is sitting on restaurant chairs and hanging out with us around amazing food and places. We have been dreaming of how it will be to show him some good beautiful food. Nowhere better for him to start then in Scandinavia.

I love the #scandistyle, a was of doing it they have here in Scandinavia. Elegantly Minimalistic, subtle, sharp and charming. Ok, to go out in restaurants ain’t the most budget choice here in Oslo but there are places like Gråd in Tøyen, Oslo. They make goo and creative food, not too expensive (the ingredients are simple but good) and they make it all super nice. Good service, beautiful venue, cutlery, plates, amazing interior and it is walking distance for us. If you are around, go try it.

Anyways, it was a good day with my family.  A bit colder than I expected but super nice to be out.

I wore this cute look from the spring collection at Lindex. I love that both pieces are from regular line, the Extended. The pieces are sized L. I loved the combination, especially the texture in the sweater and the plissè midi skirt. Midis are pretty, we should wear them more. I am also very pleased to shop my clothes in the same area as the girl who dresses XS. This is future, this is inclusion. #fashionforall

Here you find the skirt and here the sweater.

Here I found a similar skirt, in plus size. 

Another one from Asos here.


*The pieces have been sponsored by Lindex.


gisella-francisca-plisse-midi-skirt-plus-size 1gisella-francisca-plisse-midi-skirt-plus-size 4 gisella-francisca-plisse-midi-skirt-plus-size 2 gisella-francisca-plisse-midi-skirt-plus-size 3gisella-francisca-plisse-midi-skirt-plus-size 5


Here is gråd:


gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 1 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 2 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 3 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 4 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 5 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 6 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 7 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 8 gisella-francisca-graadi-oslo-guide 9

The contrasts

The contrasts




We like trends. They make us feel like we are up to date with fashion, they make us look cool and express ourselves through outfits, as fashion really is.

It’s good to create your own versions of trends, mix and match, to play around. That’s what this whole thing fashion is made for, right?

I am glad nowadays it is easier to find trendy pieces for achievable prices, like, you don’t need to pay a fortune to have a good trendy bag for instance. Or us, curvy ladies, don’t need to wear granny clothes anymore since now there is much more offer in our sizes.

I love how this look turned out. All the contrasts in it and all the trends together made me like more in the pictures. I did not plan it much, I just grabbed a few pieces I wore the day before. The focus was to use the new bag I got from Morris :-)

The concept is cool, the bag looks pretty, has a good size to fit wallet, phone, lipsticks and keys. The price is affordable and quality just fine. Morris’  #letsgounique allows you to create your very own combo, with a bag and different straps.

I chose the Don Donna crossover in pink with the pink and red flowers stripe. 

I also love to match delicate looking pieces with the camo jacket. This is how I pair a cute gingham top and girly bag – with a punch of a military jacket.

The contrast in the jeans are super cool too. They have similar ones at H&M, here.

Ok, a moment to my lipstick! I am just very into playing with light and colors on my lips. It is a cool way of creating the illusion of more volume and a creative look. Enough with the liner on the eyes then.

Get the look (jacket on sale, you are welcome!):

gisella-francisca-cam-jacket-gingham-trend-plus-size 1gisella-francisca-cam-jacket-gingham-trend-plus-size 7 gisella-francisca-cam-jacket-gingham-trend-plus-size 2gisella-francisca-cam-jacket-gingham-trend-plus-size 6 gisella-francisca-cam-jacket-gingham-trend-plus-size 3

*The bag has been sponsored by Morris/Polhem PR

Plus Size fashion trends with Zizzi at Panorama Fashion in Berlin

Plus Size fashion trends with Zizzi at Panorama Fashion in Berlin

Zizzi invited us, the brand ambassadors, for a fashion trip to Berlin to check out their lounge at the Panorama Fashion Fair, during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. It was such a great experience, I had a blast. And of course, I made images (and video) of everything so you guys can also be part of it. Come to check out all the plus size fashion trends, cool bloggers that visited us there, plus an exclusive sneak peek at the autumn winter 2017 collection.


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