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The red coat: a strong fall trend in larger sizes

Matching with the fall! The coolest plus size faux leather jacket you will wear now!

Keep it cosy… and warm in the winter

Keep it cosy… and warm in the winter

As days get colder and darker, it makes total sense to wear a light and feminine blouse (????). Yes! Under a warm and cosy jacket, right? But to find the right jacket can be a challenge, especially when, like yours truly, you are a fuller figured lady. But even though nowadays it is a bit easier to find a winter coat in sizes larger than L, there is something I must share…


Party Large! Ideas for festive outfits in Lindex extended sizes

Party Large! Ideas for festive outfits in Lindex extended sizes

What time is it? It’s Glam time! This is the most glamorous time of the year where parties are all over allowing us proper excuses to shine even more (not that we need excuses to shine, but, anyways…) and I am glad to share some party outfits I picked up in the Lindex collection currently in stores.

The idea is to encourage ladies like Moi, that dress larger sizes, to try some new ways of pairing pieces ad creating unique outfits. Even when most of the clothes in the stores are black, you can still try something new for you, that channels glamour and fierceness.


Shinying in October Pink

Shinying in October Pink

October is a special month in fashion. It is when the industry supports the fight against breast cancer by donating part of the sales to research and development. Lindex launched the special Pink Collection and it is just great that the Finish house is contributing with fighting breast cancer with its own designs this year.

The pieces are a modern, feminine and strong conceptual range of carefully-selected garments and accessories in an exciting palette of colors with 10 % of the price being donated to cancer research.


Plus size Tunic by Zizzi

Plus size Tunic by Zizzi

Tunics are one of the most versatile pieces I know. That’s why I just loved this one from Zizzi. The fabric is so soft and delicate. The detail on the sleeves make the piece even cooler, bringing out a seventies boho vibe that I do like.

I wore just as a dress but in fact it can be worn in so many ways. Pair with a skinni jeans, a pencil skirt or just bare, like I did, for a beach/summer look. Although I am having a baby soon, I do not consider this tunic a pregnant piece. See, we can wear anything we please but some clothes just give the idea of being just for pregnants. It ain’t with it here. This tunic makes wonders in your wardrobe, both for a summer bare foot outfit as well was with a jeans and leather jacket.

I do think it goes pretty well with a scarf on the hair, don’t you think?

The piece is in stores now, so run a get yours.


Tunic from Zizzi

Scarf Hermés

Bjørg Rings

Vintage earings.
gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-zizzi-tunica 1 gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-zizzi-tunica 2 gisella-francisca-plus-size-pregnancy-zizzi-tunica 3


Black & White Plus Size Editorial

Black & White Plus Size Editorial


A totally independent editorial photographed by Brazilian upcoming plus size photographer Adriana Líbini styled by me, with my own clothes. Architecture and curves in the best São Paulo vibe.

It has been a while I have been observing Adriana Líbini’s projects. I have always thought of working together with her but I guess we have never been physically in the same place and time.

But during my last trip to Brazil I thought it would be the best opportunity to work with her. Also I have observed that Adriana’s project have grown and developed in a more refined way. Then it was the right time for us to partner.

Briefing was simple: to explore lines and shapes from modern architecture in São Paulo, I would style and do the beauty and she would make her magic with the cameras. The idea was to work together and have some portfolio for both of us.

Adriana is a very committed photographer who does understands the angles of the plus size body. She owns great equipment and is very easy to work with.

I do suggest her commissioned work for commercial and private jobs in Brazil ou abroad.

Now, the images.


Gisella-Francisca-Plus-Size-editorial-preto-branco gisella-francisca-plus-size-editorial-preto-branco-3 gisella-francisca-plus-size-editorial-preto-branco-4

Tunic Zizzi / Belt Gina Tricot / Skirt Cala & Jada / Shoes Adidas Superstar

gisella-francisca-plus-size-editorial-preto-branco-8 gisella-francisca-editorial-plus-size-preto-branco-5

Jumpsuit Márcia Morais (best ones for the plus size body I ever tried) / Sandals H&M /Sunnies Celine

gisella-francisca-plus-size-editorial-preto-branco-9 gisella-francisca-editorial-plus-size-preto-branco-11 gisella-francisca-plus-size-editorial-preto-branco-10

Dress Asos / Sunnies vintage Persol / Shoes Stella McCartney

Retro look in godet plus size midi skirt

Retro look in godet plus size midi skirt

I have noticed that mid skirts can be sort of polemic in the plus size wardrobe. Some people appear to think to be looking bigger when wearing the skirt model. Ok, I can see where it comes from, but, then again, what increases volume is a diet not clothes, right? hehehe. Also, who would not pick a favorite piece for being afraid of looking bigger or something?

Real empowerment is to feel entitled to wear what you like and better suits you, according to your standards, this is key!

Here you can see two of my favorite looks wearing midi skirt. A retro look here and a funky modern look here.


The skirt in the picture is from H&M’s regular collection. It is important to keep eyes open for other collections and not only look for coool stuff in the plus size areas. As we well know, the coolest stuff are unfortunately not there all the time.

But mostly, whats really important is to be comfortable wearing what you choose. And to choose carefully when it comes to a more conscious consumption in fashion. I mean, all the time we are exposed to shopping inputs, like you may be now with my post. The difference is that the idea here is to present an outfit a bit more out of the box, making new usages for old pieces, like the layering collar top I have over the lurex top. It’s been here and used a lot but I preffer it as an overall than inside another top.

Anyways, message is: keep your eyes open, buy conciously and wear what you like and how you like.

Outfit Details: 

Lurex blue top and lace “overall” (really need help with the ame for this piece): both from Zizzi

Skirt & necklace H&M

Shoes Maria Bonita Extra (old, from Brazil). An ankle boot would replace it.

Bag Louis Vuitton

Sunnies Celine

gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 3
gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 2
gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 4

gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 5

gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 1

gisella-francisca-plus-size-saia-skirt-saia-evasee-midi 6

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