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Street & Style: Molde e Cia Mag

Street & Style: Molde e Cia Mag

Plus Size fashion has been growing fast in Brazil. I can tell by the amount of jobs I have been doing there. If some years ago the larger size clothes were made just for “fitting” people, nowadays the clothes have a fashion approach to it. I am so glad to see and to be an active part of the changes.

In the job you see here, I was featured Molde e Cia magazine.  It was not a job as a model as we know it because the idea was to wear clothes I wear myself so they could present me and my style, to inspire curvy ladies in the country to not hide but to flatter their curves in outfits that work wonders for our body type.

I was lucky enough to work with Cristian Heverson – the super stylist specialized in plus size fashion. He has several years of experience, having worked with supermodel Fluvia Lacerda. I am just so happy about this job.

Here are the pages of the magazine. I love it all.











Party season is approaching! I can’t wait to be wining and dining, when feeling gorgeous in these dresses.

For curvy ladies, there is nothing more flattering than a wrap dress with some drappe in the front and an envelope cut finishing at a long neckline. How do we looooove it? A whole lot.

The good thing with this type of dresses is that it fits most body shapes, it is like it hugs your curves. The trendy models from Zizzi just got me. Lurex, Green Velvet, Shimmer Blue, you pick your favorite and rock the dance floor.

Curvy ladies may find it not that easy to find party styles that are not full back or grey. So here there are some great options to add more color to your party outfit and get you like – H.O.T!!!!

Dresses available at Zizzi shops, find a list here.

You can also get the dresses online at Navabi or Zizzi‘s own online shop.





gisella-franisca-plus-size-party-season-zizzi gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-dresses-vestido-festa 6 gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-dresses-vestido-festa 4 gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-dresses-vestido-festa 2 gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-zizzi gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-dresses-vestido-festa 5 gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-dresses-vestido-festa 1 gisella-francisca-plus-size-party-dresses-vestido-festa 3

Yme Cafe & the perfect BW look

Yme Cafe & the perfect BW look

One of my favorite things in life is cooking, together with eating, hehehhee. I love all things envolving the making of nice food, since shopping for ingredients to platting and watching people eating my food.

Knowing of this huge passion of mine, the owners of the amazing YME Universe invited me to sell some of my creations at their bookstore/cafe. It is such an honour for me to have my food in such great company, such as the most amazing art/fashion/design books from publishers like Taschen, Rizzoli, as well as the high end clothes from McQueen, Margiela, Lanvin, Marni, Y3 and many others.

Yme is such an amazing place. It is like Colette (Paris) or Dove Street Market (London).  The cafe is like an oasis central Oslo. I am so happy. If the experimental project goes well as we would like it to, it may change a lot my routine. Changes everything. As a journalist and blogger, my life has been so busy and now it is about to get even more busy. But you know what? It is worth it. And thankful I got support from my husband and friends.

As we are just starting, I still have go produce more imagery material so you can better see my food, but here you can see for yourself what I am talking about. PICTURES BELOW.  Guys, wish me luck.

After the great afternoon with a lot of work, we headed to a small halloween dinner at Thatiana’s place. Look at baby Daniel and try not to laugh.

Regarding my outfit, I chose to go for a comfy black and white combo. It is an all time winner. The truth is I did not think to much, just paired things I had in hand and voilá. I love the long blazer with the 3/4 sleeves. So elegant, perfect to elongate the silluete. Now let’s talk acessories. The necklaces are quite cool, not heavy and just match my outfit like a glove. The shoes are a limited edition of Adidas Superstar I got at Yme. The first floor is packed with cool shes for all tastes.

I also need a full paragraph for this bag. It is from Maison Martin Margiela. The Crinclked envelope bag fits a lot inside, is a clutch and a carry on. I am just so so so in love with it. For sale at YME.


Skirt , tee, necklaces and blazer from Zizzi.

Adidas Superstar limited edition available at YME

Bag: Maison Martin Margiela in Oslo is only available at YME.

YME Universe (Cafe at 3rd floor)


The place and the food:

gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 9gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 5gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_5 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 2IMG_6381gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe_6 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 3gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 6gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_4 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 7 gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 8
gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 1gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 9

The outfit:

gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_3gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 13gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo_2gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 14gisella-francisca-yme-universe-cafe-oslo- 15



Concept Store: the new Zizzi’s shop

Concept Store: the new Zizzi’s shop





The new Concept Store by Zizzi in Strømmen, Oslo, is a dream. And I have been there in the opening day to check it out and tell you everything.

Now the #zizziglamazones have a design shop to go to for wonderful looks. The shop is a big space, very well decorated in the biggest shopping Center in  Oslo.

The Concept Store brings the biggest variety of Zizzi‘s new arrivals. The pieces are very well placed in a classy Visual Merchandising, the lightning together with the mix of metal, wood and concrete makes the space such a modern scandinavian-style shop. The fitting rooms are like lounges, seriously, I am in love with that shop.

The sales team know everything, from style tips to newest arrivals. The Norwegian Zizzi ladies are the kindest people to sell you anything. I am just so happy I once came across them.

Zizzi and I are in Love, can you tell? hehehhe

If you are in OsloTown make sure you pay a visit to Zizzi Strømmen. Details below:





gisella francisca zizzi concept store  2gisella francisca zizzi concept store  3gisella francisca zizzi concept store  1 (1)gisella francisca zizzi concept store  2 (1)gisella francisca zizzi concept store  5gisella francisca zizzi concept store  8gisella francisca zizzi concept store  7gisella francisca zizzi concept store  4gisella francisca zizzi concept store  9gisella francisca zizzi concept store  6

Zizzi Strømmen:

Støperiveien 5, 2010 Strømmen
Tel: 922 51 500



Lookbook: Zizzi Black Label

Lookbook: Zizzi Black Label

Whoohaaa! Zizzi is lauching the new part of the Black Label Collection.  And to celebrate it I produced a lookbook so you guys can see in first hand my picks among the upcoming pieces. Expect classy and trendy styles with the edgy scandinavian sophistication.

This is one of the most elegant Plus Size collections I’ve seen. From the design to the materials, everything is rich in details in the same time as it is clean and timeless. This launch is the second part of the collection that has been available in stores and online since August, 2015.

Black Label’s clothes are made to stay. So the pieces you buy will be used for several seasons – the basic rule for a classy wardrobe isn’t?

See the lookbook below. I feel so elegant in those looks. The pieces are serious must-haves. See pictures below.

The collection:

Has been created as an extension of Zizzi’s current design philosophy, with focus on gorgeous design and an eye for details, and the Zizzi Black Label offers the very highest quality and choice of materials. Every single style in this exclusive collection is created with the sole purpose of becoming a permanent wardrobe favourite, which can be used for any occasion, season after season.

The Zizzi Black Label collection comprises more than 25 styles, designed with the curvy silhouette in mind, and offers rounded, shaped shoulders, elegant feminine draping, slim-fit trousers and cropped pant legs. The colour range is subdued, ranging from black shades with tones of grey and dark blue to lighter shades such as ivory.

The materials are a classic quality mix, such as lightweight wool, lace, denim and brocade. Adding a refined twist, the material’s structure adds depth and dynamism to the classic whole.

The clothes are available in all Zizzi shops, find a list here.

Also available online on Zizzi webshop or Navabi.

See below direct links for the pieces.

*Jewelry & Belts also from Zizzi. Bags, shoes, gloves from personal archive.



Shopping details:

1- Blue lace dress: available here – I am wearing size Medium

2- Black dress –  available here – Size Medium

3- Skirt here  (size M) and Shirt here (size M) / Coat here  (Size L)

4- Viscose top available here  (Size M)/ Jeans from Zizzi regular collection, available here, I wear the Small Size, I like it tiiight – and it stretches a lot.

5-  Viscose Top available here – I am wearing size medium

6- Lace Sleeved Top available here – Size Medium for me.


I hope this post has been helpful to you and mainly, inspiring. Let me know your toughts. And feel free to share. 🙂

Fall Essentials

Fall Essentials

Fall is here and it is time to dress up in the essentials for the season. There is a whole seventies vibe in the air, how do we love it. Flare jeans, romantic details, fake fur, suede and, of course, curves. I said, a lot of curves.

The editorial you see here was produced by me (yes, very proud), with the idea of mix & match. Making different combinations among my selection of the coollest pieces from Zizzi, to create several stylish looks.

Fasten your belt, shape your waist and come with me in my Fall Essentials editorial. Get inspired to create your own looks and explore your curves in these trend designs from Zizzi fashion.

You find here the big list of shops from Zizzi.

You cal also buy a good selection of Zizzi’s clothes on Navabi



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