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10 ways to be more feminist in your everyday life

10 ways to be more feminist in your everyday life

Feminism is far beyond a t-shirt. But what does it influence your everyday life? How can you be feminist? Surely that does not mean to grow hair under your arms – although you can if you want. The freedom of making choices without being judged and to have access to opportunities, equality and respect are the main points of feminism. But how does it affect or everyday life? Read more here:


Pink every day

Pink every day

I must confess I can get a little too excited when I see cool plus size pieces available in high street brands. It must be because for so long I have felt neglected by so many brands. For countless times I have felt like there was something wrong with me because I wanted to wear a certain piece but they did not have my size. It still happens every now and then.

But the truth is nowadays there is much more availability for large sizes in high street fashion. It is still far from the ideal – and by “ideal” I mean cool, affordable designs, sustainable fashion and opportunities for all. But I got to say I love to see Lindex, for instance, providing fashion in more sizes, for a reasonable price and quality.

When I saw the colour of this dress I was just eager to check if my size was there. Guess what? They had my XL and it went up to XX. I tried it on and voilà, it had to be mine.

After I took the pictures I realised that maybe not everybody would like the shape because it is a bit loose and it may make me look a bit bigger. But girl, come on, what makes us look big is food not clothes ahhahahahaha.

But then again, isn’t that another type of beauty standard? Why should plus size ladies only wear curves flattering clothes? I can easily say that somehow I am also affected by this type of standard. I love myself a bodycon piece that shows the would how beautiful my body is. But most of all, I am a fan of wearing what I like, how I like, when I like. And this dress I love. :-)

Dress and jacket from Lindex. Earrings were custom made for me in Brazil. Hermes bracelet, alliances and Bjørg rings.

lindex-extended-sizes-store-storrelser lindex-extended-sizes-store-storrelser lindex-extended-sizes-store-storrelser

NYFW body positive shows: exactly what the industry needs

NYFW body positive shows: exactly what the industry needs

Trends presented in runaways are not only extended to fashion but to behaviour, politics and society. For this reason, brands that promote diversity and body positivity are ahead in the curve and do one good favour for the society. But more than that, they play the right role in fashion – to guide society towards a future of acceptance, equality and inclusion.

Several brands are using the hype of feminism and body positivity “online zeitgeist” in their shows and clothes for instance. But we all know that the issue requires more than Tshirts and diverse casting for the shows. If they are doing their homework and keeping it real outside the runaways, it remains to be seen, but


Prabal Gurung had a very political show with the moto of #femininitywithabite the show had two plus size models. Candice Rufine and Marquita Pring


Christian Siriano has become as synonymous with inclusivity has he is with jaw-dropping evening wear. Once again, the designer showed the entire fashion industry what a truly inclusive runway looks like at his fall ’17 show.

At the Grand Ballroom at the Plaza Hotel, Siriano presented a range of lacquered velvet sets, animal-printed party dresses, and dreamy ball gowns on an equally diverse set of models — diverse in race, in size, and in industry experience. The lineup included women ranging from size 2 to 16, according to Cosmopolitan.

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*via Refinery29

Hands down my favorite looks from this @csiriano show 💕

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All the glamour on our #Fall2017 runway captured by @bradwalsh front row. #fashionweek #cfdanyfw #peoplearepeople

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If this change is here to stay we cannot ensure that yet. But for some seasons now we have been witnesses of a major change that seems to be just the start into the total fashion inclusion I dream about.



A good 2017, in eight steps

A good 2017, in eight steps

I was trying to remember the promises I made last year to see if I had met the goals and if I was going on the path of my biggest plans in life. I figured that this way it would be easier to start writing about my year. Some plans worked out well, but the truth is I do not remember well how things were before I “got pregnant” (and had the baby in three months, ahahahha).


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