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A plus size girl and the #KenzoxHm collection

I was ready! Elbows sharpen, combat mood and adventurous spirit on! It was 19h, 2 degrees when I left my apartment in a central location in Oslo heading to the only H&M concept store in town. It was a preshopping event, from 20h to 22h in which the hundreds of people queuing in the cold would be divided into groups to have 10 minutes to shop the Kenzo collection before everybody else. It did seem like a great thing for me. There I was, super cold, enjoying warm coffee and colourful doughnuts that were served for the poor lucky pre-shoppers.

I was in the second group. From the window,  I could already spot the location of the pieces I really wanted. The idea was to run and score my favourite dress, jacket, boots and socks. I also had the mission of buying something for my husband. It could be anything I thought he would wear. 

By the time I finally got in the store, I and dozens of too excited Kenzo fans apparently had the same strategy. When they opened the fence I really wanted to run and grab that dress, I really wanted. But I just could not be aggressive with the other ladies and the desired piece was not mine. It ended up in someone’s faster hands. But in a world where good connections are everything, my girl went to the storage and I got all the pieces I wanted, in the largest sizes.


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