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Plus Size stripes & lines

There is a lot of buzzes around Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to the Plus Size styling, specially about stripes, geometrical details and solid white clothes. They say you can’t wear horizontal stripes cause they make your silhouette to seem wider, they say white clothes get you voluminous, they say so much… Thing is: fashion is fun. Supposed to be fun, to free you, to help you to express your personality and not, I mean, not at all, to impose more rules to our lives. With this in mind, I basically cannot care less for rules society of fashion “influencers” may have set up. I wear what I like, how I like, and try to have the best version of myself. I wear fashion in my favor, it is at my service. So, new Chanel bag? Yes please. Ahahahhaa (dream).

A little story: I have been several times to Zizzi shop here in Oslo and every single times I was there I would look to this top/tunic/dress and would think to myself: I kinda like it. But never invested, never took it seriously. It lasted until last week when I saw this new stripped skirt. It looked so simply cute on the hanger. Immediately I made the look in my mind. It was like magic, the two pieces seemed to have found each other in my mind. Got them home with me. Dressed them and thought it needed a little help with the shapes.

The thin black belt, also from Zizzi, fit like a glove, helping to create another line in the silhouette. Love it. The result was a cool, simple and elegant outfit. Very comfy too. I am glad I gave it a try cause it just became a new favorite. The top will be seen in Rio in the summer too, wait and see. The skirt is so versatile. I can pair it with almost anything.

Top, Skirt, Belt –  Zizzi

Shoes – Monki

Bag – Stella McCarteney


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