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in the Magazine

in the Magazine

uhhull! It is out now the issue of Kamille mag with me inside! In the august issue of the magazine, I show my style in my apartment in an article about curvy cool ladies. How do you think I am flaterred?

Kamille is one of the largest magazines in Norway. They have a quite forward editorial line and I am just happy to see curvy/plus size ladies featured in their pages. And this is quite big since the media in Norway does not exactlly features curvy ladies in their fashion articles. So I am happy to be part of it. The interview was really good. They asked me about my style, about my inspirations, how do I feel with myself and een how and where do I shop.

It is such an achievement in my carreer, considering I moved to Oslo not so long ago and it has been already the third time I have been in a magazine here. It is all about spreading the idea of more diversity and body positivity that is present in all things I do.

Here I posted some pictures of the backstage, remember? Thing is, when the team from Kamille came to my house to take the pictures, they styles everything so beautifully. I loved how they used every corner of the two living rooms. Just loved the result.


Thank you very much and Congratulations for the initiative, Kamille.kamille Ago15 gisella francisca kamille formfull gisella francisca kamille formfull_ago15


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