NYE outfit

Lookbook party season 2019

Video style. Look 1, 2 or 3? Which one for tonight?

Bring the (curvy) party!

The Fall Curvy Guide for you to easily rock this season’s colour palette

Beauty Boot Camp: The latest trends in beauty and the most massive goodiebag!

Back to work! 1 jeans – 2 fun looks to get over the end-of-summer blues

Look que não foi

Look que não foi

Gente, olha isso: achei essas fotos aqui no meu aperture (o programa de edição que eu uso). Aí eu lembrei que tô com saudade de algumas coisas , que eu gravei um video todo com a cara toda vermelha e que nunca consegui fazer esse look de novo. Vem entender.


This post is like: whaaat? I found these pictures on my Aperture (I think it is the best photo editor to me). The images reminded me I miss a couple of things in life. And that the makeup was actually a tutorial that I recorded and it was totally red. And I never made that look again. I can explain…


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