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Lace shorts seem to be this summer’s darling. It is so feminine and trendy. It can be dressed up or down, worn with a tee or a blazer. So versitile. In this outfit, I gave it a bit of a glam and made a summer night outfit that became my own darling. Check this out.

I must say: I have never been a fan of shorts in general. Maybe because I never found one that made me feel comfy and not bothered by the fabric rolling up between my tights. Can’t think of anything more annoying than this.

But then I wore this model from Zizzi. The fabric is so soft, so comfy. Although it still rolls a bit up when I walk, I dont feel it as a big deal and would probably solve it by simply wearing a shapewear underneath.

The medium lengh makes it classy, not too short so you can pretty much wear it anywhere in the summer. 

I chose to keep it glam. A V neck top with drape details and an oversized blazer perfectly paired the shorts. A statement necklace drw the attention to my upper body balancing the bare legs. I like the effect. High chunky heels gave me extra confidence not only because it elongated my legs but also because it is more comfy to walk. 

What is glamour without comfort anyways?

So just go for shorts if you like them. If they roll up you try to fix it with a shapewear or just roll it down when needed. Create a comfy look that pleases you and enjoy the feeling of a breeze in your legs. I would suggest a glass of chablis – my fav white wine. 🙂

Short & Blazer: Zizzi / Top: Alexander Wang / Shoes H&M / Bag Stella McCartney / Necklace bought in Capri a few years ago

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