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Fashion Editorial: Plus Size Summer Dresses

Fashion Editorial: Plus Size Summer Dresses

Summer dresses for party ocasions can be styles in so many ways. Dress it up or dress it down, pimp it up with acessories, endless possibilities. But when the designs got that romantic vibe, jut like the ones I am wearing in this editorial, it feels just so right to style them up in a more edgy way.

In these pictures I produced & styled wearing japanese plus size brand Varal de Moda +, the idea was to suggest the usage of sweet party dresses in a more bittersweet way, know what I mean? Leather, sandals and socks, denim jackets, you name it.

Remember I have been mentioning this brand here for a while now? Yes, their clothes are amazing. Such high quality finishing. I get wowed every time I touch their clothes. This is the spring/summer collection. I am just in love with everything.

What about the images, how do you like them?


Production, model & styling Gisella Francisca / wearing dresses from Varal e Moda + / Photography Kattyany Lima

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gisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda web 2 gisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda web gisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda 3 webgisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda 4 web gisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda 5gisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda 5 web gisella-francisca-roupa-plus-size-festa-varal-de-moda 6

90s inspired

90s inspired

The 90s were not the most stylish years if we come to think. My interpretation of it is that it was a huge mix of almost everything while trying to keeo away from the exageration/boldness of the previous decade. Try looking into childhood/teenage pictured from the 90s and you will see. I must say I was something. ahahahhahaa

There was a little of everything: platforms on the shoes, a super strong grunge influence (sonic youth, primal scream and finally nirvana to just name the most famous bands from the decade), a lot of flanels, plaid prints, tights, textures and print mix… you name it.

And that was how this outfit turned out to be: a little of everything. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to wear the tights from Japan that i got from the owner of the brand – Monster Drops. Their products are so cute. So I paired everything after the tights. The dress has this cute flower print that matches the color in the tights and contrasts well with the “power” of the leather. Also, the dress is also from Japan – Varal de Moda +.

Speaking of power, would you just take a look in my shoes? It is my favorite shoes of all times. One amazing design from Stella McCartney. Wish she gave me other pairs just because I love them. 🙂




Dress Varal de Moda +

Tights Monster Drops

Shoes Stella McCartney

Bag Prada (from 2011 collection)

Biker Jaquet from H&M

gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 1 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 2 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 3 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 4 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 5 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 6 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 7 gisella francisca look anos 90 nineties plus size 8

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