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Motherhood Diaries: the 3 first weeks

Motherhood Diaries: the 3 first weeks

He turned 3 weeks old already. Feels like both yesterday and forever. Maybe because it is all so intense and I feel I got so much to learn.

It is good to humble yourself and listen to what other people got to say when you know close to nothing about a certain matter and when it comes to having a kid it ain’t different. That’s why I value so much the experience and advice of people I respect and especially, the ones I know that won’t be pointing fingers on me and criticizing negatively the way I raise my boy.

Our days:
Since Mikkél came in our lives there has been a settling process for all of us: me and him, him and me, my husband and him and my husband and me!

To have such a small human being depending full time on me has been the biggest challenge I have ever been through. Mixed feeling between extreme happiness, grace and a constant fear of making mistakes, causing him any pain or harm… It’s crazy. Indeed.

Today, for instance, he has allergy-like red spots on his forehead. I read in the material I got from the healthcare that it is normal that he gets some spots, marks that can be allergy related or just hormones. But there is no way to know exactly what it is without running tests. And it may be nothing. So we got to find out for ourselves. As most of the things with a newborn. And I do not feel exactly relieved with this information.

Babies got no instructions material, they do not speak, they cry as a way of communicating with us. But yes, they are mostly hungry.

Sleeping is overrated, right? It must be. I don’t know for months now how does it feel to sleep a full night with no concerns in your mind. Mikkél ain’t a very agitated baby and I am so thankful for that. But he does eat a lot. So he wakes up several times during the night making it impossible for the parents to rest.

I’ve been feeling exhausted. Not creative and unmotivated. But in he same time I haven’t ever felt this complete in my life.



Last Wednesday the “HelseSøster” came to visit us.She measured him, made tests and advised us in several matters. She handed to us a very cute journal with all his info.

It feels safe to have a public system that takes good care of us. I feel lucky especially when I think about how bad the system is in the country I come from.



I must say that my life became the most amazing heaven-like mess!


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