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VLOG: Blond Afro hair trends show in Sweden

VLOG: Blond Afro hair trends show in Sweden

And then I became blonde.

It has been such a great adventure with happy endings. Let me make it short:

I have been considering to get blonde for a while now. Since the end of my pregnancy I have been visiting professionals to get advice and find the right one to help me through my blonde ambition. Finally I got to my friend Eirik Thorsen from Adam og Eva Grensen, in Oslo. The invited me to be a model on a Redken show he carried out in Sweden together with Tonja Dahlen from Adam og Eva Strøget – also in Oslo.

They are both so talented, really they are known for being like the bests. Seriously. I can not feel more lucky to have been in their hands.

My bleaching process lasted a while and happened in several steps. Good thing we used all the products from Redken so my hair was in good hands, both with the professionals and the products. We used the new PH Bonder that guarantees the integrity of the hair while the strong bleaching processes. In this video I show you the process and the show we had in Sweden.

Video is in portuguese but totally english friendly since it is more images than talking.

Let me know what you think:


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