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Hair story: New season, new hair

Hair story: New season, new hair

It took me decades to finally change my signature black afro style. I would often change the design of it – I have always enjoyed cutting my hair, but never the colour. Until last year, when I got introduced to the world of colour changing. It literally changed me for good. I could no longer keep my hair colour for more than 3 months. Seriously. Here I talk “highly addictive content”. Are you ready? Follow me… 🙂

For decades I kept my hair natural, free from all sorts of chemicals, except for shampoos, masks, leave-ins and all these products we have at home but are far from being natural. The cool and modern designs to my curls were a signature. But it was always very dark brown, almost black. This is my natural colour and some people would swear I was colouring it at the salon. But I wasn’t.

Until I got invited to get totally blond. Do you remember? Click to see. My idea was to get a grey hair, but this is the type of colour that cannot be done overnight since my hair has naturally so much red pigment. First I got a golden blond, then I finally got platinum curls. And man, it was cool, cold as the winter. Hard to keep but I never had such a cool colour on my hair. I just loved it. 

Then I kept changing. Got a little pink, what I called dusty pink. Remember that one? I used it for a while, especially when I was in Rio. The sun and daily good times at the beach got my curls so brassy and dry, No matter what I did, I couldn;t recover it. Do you think that stopped me from going further and changing the colour again? Oh no! I got “Blorange” baby? A type of orange mixed with pink, so pretty. I loved it. See it here.












FullSizeRender 7 FullSizeRender 8 FullSizeRender 9



My hair colour was done by Jekaterina Beresneva – the Matrix Nordic Senior Trainer responsible for all the training in the Nordic region for Matrix. I think she knows what she is doing ahahahhaa. Seriously I felt so lucky to get my colour done by such a high standard professional. She chose a deep red tone on the lengths and a brighter red on my dark roots, the result is a shiny deep red with bright red highlights.

The colours used were part of the Color Sync Collection, that is 2 times more hydrating and lasts around 20 shampoos. It is really something in the world of hair colours. I am really happy with the results. The colour is bodied, has a great coverage and does not get my hair looking ill. I can recommend safely.

The design of my curls is work of the amazing Eirik Thorsen. He is an awarded Norwegian hair designer that I admire a lot and am proud of saying that he has done my new hair.

I have also been introduced to the Biolage products. It smells so amazing and my hair got quite soft with a feeling of being clean and nice. I am currently testing them at home too. I am so dying to test the Raw line. Look into the pictures, don;t they seem like food for hair?

FullSizeRender 3



FullSizeRender 4




FullSizeRender 5


The colours mixed to get to my tone of red


FullSizeRender 6


Don’t they look like food? 90% of natural products! This is major.




The new styling products coming out soon.

Can’t wait to test this defining butter. I would like to to be super defining but lightweight.

FullSizeRender 2

*hair colour and design have been sponsored since I was a model for their workshop*

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