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Skincare like a boss – K-beauty luxury brand Erborian

Skincare like a boss – K-beauty luxury brand Erborian

When I was invited to the Erborian‘s press event I did not know at all what to expect. Sometimes I like to do some research before getting to the occasion but this time I just decided to trust the briefing I got: “It’s amazing”, “you gonna love it”. And here is what happened. Check this out.

(I only review products that actually interest me and only publish them after I try the brand and/or the product itself. As professional bloggers, we get a lot of press samples but in my blog, you only read my true opinion)

It was early in the morning, a sunny fall day in Oslo. I headed to Nodee at the Barcode – one of the postcards in town. The location by itself was already promising. It was a breakfast mixing Korean and French food (since the brand is a mix of both countries) for a very small group of press and influencers. The table was pretty, amazing flowers and great food. See the pictures below. As I said, everything was promising.

Then we got to hear about the brand from the founder Katalin Berenyis – and that’s pretty cool since it is not often we get the chance to learn about the products by those who actually think the concept, the formula, and everything. Plus, this is my first time trying KBeauty. I just heard a lot about Korean skincare and beauty brands but this is the first time I actually get to use it.

Erborian is launching in Norway exclusively at Vita.no.

About the brand: 

Erborian, “Herbs of the Orient”, was born from the meeting of two women with a passion for beauty. Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, dreams of sharing the world of Korean beauty and beauty products with women across the globe. Katalin Berenyi, a true beauty globetrotter, tirelessly travels the planet, seeking out the beauty secrets and rituals of the countries she visits.

Erborian combines the most sophisticated technologies with high-quality ingredients derived from Korean herbs, to create innovative and exclusive formulas that reveal luminosity, radiance and younger-looking skin.



gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 10

Katalin Berenyi one of the founders of Erborian came to Oslo especially for the event

gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 17 gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 12 gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 11gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 15

The products:

We got a really nice goodie bag with several products to try. It was a good selection of Erborian, but far from being representative of all they have because there are so many options. But in the bag, we got the best sellers and they are top sellers around the globe for a reason, right?

gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 3

The BB Creams and CC Creams are a must have and I have been wearing them almost every day now. And BB or CC creams were not much part of my beauty routine before Erborian. The texture is super light and they give such a glow. It is a real glow, believe me. The shades are more or less adjustable for different skin tones – for me the Doré was the most suitable.

I haven’t tried myself yet but I saw the demonstration of the “Rouge Tint” on the model and it looks good as a lip balm or a cheek stain that adjusts to the skin tone. Size is good to have in the bag and it gives good moisture and a hint of colour.

Get them here:

gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 2

The YUZA collection is full of vitamins thanks to the actives extracted from the peel of the superfruit: Yuzu. Contains microcapsules with antioxidant properties and Vitamin C to help fight the first visible signs of ageing caused by harsh environmental factors.

Yuza Double Lotion: bi-phase, to smooth and reveal the radiance and skin appears more smooth and full of vitality. Splash a generous amount onto the skin and apply your cream – day or night – immediately, before the lotion dries – golden tip from Katalin.

Yuza Sorbet Eye: helps to awaken the eyes while helping to hydrate the delicate skin around the area.

Yuza Sorbet: acts like a second skin: it seems to envelop the skin, making it feel protected against environmental stresses.

Get them here:

gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge 1

Cleansers! The starts of my skin care.

Katalin was very passionate about the cleansers in the picture, especially the Solid Cleansing Oil. For this reason I tried them first. She was right.

The Solid cleansing oil is an interesting product that changes it’s shape and texture 2 times when you use it. It is like 3 in one! First, it is a solid paste. You massage it into the skin and during this process, your hand warms it then it becomes an oil. When you wash it off with warm water you end up with a milky texture on your face. It melts away stubborn makeup, especially waterproof mascara.

I follow the cleansing with the Double mousse. It’s rich, fine foam gently cleanses, to help eliminate impurities. It then helps to visibly refine skin’s texture for a flawlessly smooth effect.

Get them here:

gisella-francisca-skincare-erborian-norge capa

Overall impression

Overall: Erborian is a luxury brand at affordable prices. They have a huge selection and for me, that was a bit hard to focus on one need. Good that we just got the Yuzu collection to try so I didn’t have to think too much. But once you find the right collection for you, you will love the products right away. The products are pleasant to use due to texture and delicate scents. Results are visible fast and it kind of pays off the investment.

They have many types of CC and BB cream and honestly, I didn’t understand much of the difference. But I am using the one that comes in Doré and that’s like porcelain, really pretty texture. I got very excited to try the eye bb cream because I never used one for the eye but we didn’t get it in the bad. I’m ordering mine from the online shop at Vita.no

Should you buy it? If you are looking for a good product for the money, get it. Will you love it? YES YOU WILL!



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