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How to: the everyday joy turns into self love







“Hello you gorgeous! Yes, you.” This is how we should all be speaking to our mirrors. Feeling ourselves with no guilt, no restrictions, just the good old love, self-love. I try to build up this mood at home, simple tricks may help you to get in the mood for joyful and energetic days. Check this out.


You got choices in life. All of them affect people around you. But mostly, your choices affect you in direct and indirect ways, affects the way you relate to yourself and the society around you. It is like a domino effect; wake up with the wrong foot, your whole day can be quite shity. OOOOORRRRR, you wake up and build up a good mood.

I usually wake up craving for a few more hours in bed: two jobs, small kid, always a lot to do an not so much time for me and hubby. But some small stuff do wonders to get me in the right foot for the day:


Flowers! The power of plants in our home is amazing. I do love big green plants, tropical looking and refreshing, but to have them in a big vase on the floor does not work for us yet because of Mikkèl boy :-). So what I do is to surround myself with colourful and interesting looking bouquets. O place them right on the table in front of my bedroom. Then, when I get out of my bedroom, I see the colourful bouquet right away. Keep them away from heaters under moderate light and change the water everyday.

I like to go to Bislett Blomster to get my plants and flowers. They have great selection, variety and quality. Plus, The shop has such great energy that it reflects on the way they work and what they do. I do love going to them. They have been there for over 30 years and sure know what they are doing, the best providers and how to make a custom-made product for all customers.


Good vibes only! Positive thinking is the key. You probably heard it before and it is because it is so true. Take a deep breath, get a coffee or tea and take 10 minutes to plan your day with the mindset that everything will go fine and you will achieve your goals. Most people have limited time in the mornings, and so do I. But I wake up a bit before to prioritize this little “me” time.


Smile more! If you accidentally (or intentionally) make eye contact with someone, smile. Just pure kindness. Say good morning and thank you. No offence but, as a foreigner, I can see that a lot of Norwegians are not so good at thanking people randomly. I mean the small things like when you ask for information or when the bus driver waits 10 seconds more for you.


Compliment people! To acknowledge drive people forward. Do that for them. There is always something good you can pick to make that person feel good about themselves. It comes right back at you, right away. Try it.


Those are simple and quick fix tricks to build that positive environment around you that you lead to happier days and in long term a happier life. I am just a (naturally filled with D.O.S.E.) Brazilian who learned along life that smile and positive vibes can be build up and are the best you can have around you. 🙂

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