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5 ways to boost confidence and wear whatever you want

5 ways to boost confidence and wear whatever you want

They say that with Fashion you can free your mind and dress what you want, the way you want. I totally agree with this theory but, for some, this is a bit too out of reach. Reasons such as limited sizes and extremely high prices can get us a bit far from “freeing our minds and dressing what we want.

The other day I went to Lindex to check out the new stuff – and see if the coolest pieces also came in larger sizes. While trying on my favourites I overheard a lady and her friend talking about how they would love to wear what they chose but were uncertain of what people would say if they showed up wearing that dress – which I personally found gorgeous on them. Actually, I told them they inspired me to look for that dress for myself too.

Then I started thinking what works for me in terms of building self-confidence. Simple things that in the long run make a big difference in your perception of yourself and people around you.

1 – GET REAL INSPIRATION ONLINE. Find people that show life as it is and not a staged fake lifestyle. Beauty and fashion standards are in the past. Make sure you follow people that show real values and not a shallow perspective on life.

2 – BODY POSITIVE MINDSET IS KEY! First step may be to go on Social Media and find profiles that channel body positive in a natural way. Not trying to force a trend but channelling real body positive in pictures and videos that show normal bodies, or, even better, how clothes fit in real people, not models as not even them look like they are in retouched images.

3 – STOP JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE’S APPEARANCE! Be generous, be kind, be understanding.Body shame has never been cool and there is no reason to point your finger at a person who does not look like you think they should. Nobody should look like anything. We are what we are and this should be celebrated and not judge. Remember: If you judge other people’s appearance it shows how you actually relate cruel to yourself.

4 – TAKE IT EASY! Go out shopping in a day that you are in the mood for it. Choose wisely, but freely. Just try clothes on without prejudging the result. Explore the sections, brands and shops. Try vintage shopping too. The important is to find what suits you better, despite trends and fads. 

5 – IGNORE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU! This one I kept to last because I believe it is the hardest of all to adapt. However I believe overtime, with hard work and endurance of telling yourself you deserve to feel good you will start giving less fucks about what people think. Confidence is something that is built inside and half of it comes from letting go of internal voices that tell you that you are not good enough, or that others are better than you.

The truth is life is just too short for you to worry about how others perceive you, especially strangers. So if you spot someone staring at you in the street, smile at them, ask them if they are looking for something, make them feel uncomfortable by rising above their negativity. Tell yourself you are worthy because I hate to break it to you but you are.



As I mentioned, I went to Lindex and overheard the ladies talking about the dress and decided to try it on myself. To be honest I did not think it would fit me. I loved it but I thought it wasn’t for me. It ended up being my new darling.

I paired the dress with a denim trench and a pair of jeans. My all-time favourite sneakers always feel right. I love the net bag and I can’t wait to summer when I can wear sandals and take off the denim pieces. This outfit got me feeling cute and I will surely wear it many times again.

Lindex is now out with the #pantssolution campaign. The idea is that you find your perfect fit and size, so you never need to try it on again. Suits me as I hate to try on clothes before buying. So I found out that the model Vera is my favourite – stretchy, skinny legs and super high waist. I just grab my size and go. Simple. Check it out here.

Dress available here / Denim trench available here / Jeans available here (I customized the hem)

Pictures we were taken by Didier Muya. He is an experienced photographer that also produces photo shoots for people that just want to get nice pictures, without being a blogger or a SoMe profile. Get in touch with him.

*outfit sponsored by Lindex.

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Thanks, Didier Muya for the super nice pictures. As I mentioned, you can book him and produce together your own professional photo shoot even if you just want pictures for a personal archive.

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