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Healthier and younger-looking skin7 essential ingredients

Healthier and younger-looking skin7 essential ingredients

A person who uses skin care leaves the house every morning with at least 150 ingredients on her body every day. It is a lot! So I must say it is quite impressive to be able to create such revolutionary skin care products with only 7 essential ingredients. All of them engineered in the miraculous cereal barley. Are you curious? Here is the “miracle”.


Every living thing — people, animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria — grows and ages. But cells don’t just automatically multiply: in humans and animals, cells respond to instruction from highly specialized proteins or hormones called growth factors. From birth until adulthood, our bodies manufacture copious amounts of various growth factors that affect the growth of everything from bones to organs to nerves to the skin. But when we reach maturity, production diminishes. As a result, cell turnover and repair slow down, eventually affecting our health and appearance. In fact, our skin gets thinner by 1% each year after we turn 20, and five years after menopause, our skin becomes 30% thinner.

In the 80s medical research into growth factors has developed exponentially. Huge breakthroughs include life-saving treatments such as the use of G-CSF, a growth factor that induces the production of white blood cells after chemotherapy. EGF, or epidermal growth factor, helps burn victims grow new skin and speed wound recovery.

But EGF may also be used to replenish the body’s own supply. It boosts production of collagen and elastin, the skin’s bouncy scaffolding, increasing tone and elasticity. It boosts the skin’s capacity to store water and reduce water loss. The result is healthier, denser, more hydrated,  younger-looking skin.


In scientific research, EGF has been grown in bacteria, but this poses a risk of endotoxins for humans. Other means of obtaining EGF present ethical, moral, and legal issues, as in the use of human cells. But then, the revolutionary method of growing a plant-based replica of EGF in barley made possible to use responsibility and environmentally friendly EGF for skin care – that’s BioEffect.



My impressions:

I have started using the BioEffect Daytime cream around 3 weeks ago. The one I have is meant for normal to combination skin so I guess it is a bit denser than I am used to – as I prefer gel textured products for my oily skin. At the end of the day, my skin looks a bit shinier than I would like, but there are also other products effecting this, such as bb cream and makeup.

But I do notice an improvement in the hydration level. Even if I have nothing on my skin, I feel that it does not feel or look dehydrated or “tired”. My fine lines also seem softer and the texture looks finer. This is a good cream and I will buy a new one.

I think the results will be much more impressive when I start with the “30 day treatment” because this is the products that has the higher concentration of  EGF .in the whole Bioeffect line. But it ain’t cheaper: a box with three treatments costs 290 dollars!!!

IMG_2092 IMG_2094 IMG_2093

Should you buy the BioEffect products?

If you have the money and want to make a good investment in your skin, you should definitely get them. Especially the daily serum. During the press event, the founder guaranteed we don’t need any other skin care product when we use their serum.

I am happy with the results I experience on myself. This is a true and honest review, although the products have been gifted to me.


In Norway, you can get the BioEffect products here: https://www.kicks.no/bioeffect


IMG_2095 IMG_2096

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