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Got curves? Here is the swimwear you will wear this summer

Got curves? Here is the swimwear you will wear this summer

By this time of the year, many people ask “Are you ready for summer?”. But the only question that matters is: “IS SUMMER READY FOR YOU?”. See, this is a different approach. Let’s put the focus on how good looking the summer plans are, and how you gonna enjoy the best time of the year. And to make it simple, I gathered the main messages I get on my Social Media and made a small guide on how to dress for the beach when you got dem curves.

(this post contains sponsored clothes)

Whether you are planning a quick dip on the beach or a full day by the pool, to wear the right and stylish swimwear feels so good. As a lady born in Rio, I am used to putting on my swimwear and have another one to change during the day, so I can go from the pool to the beach and finish my night in a bar with friends. It is key to be prepared. We never know how and where the long summer days will get us going and going …

Last week I went to Kappahl and found really nice beach styles that look gorgeous on ladies who got accentuated curves (and volume on the body – as I like to say). And the coolest, one of my favourite looks is all made out of Pet Bottles – as part of the sustainable beach collection launched by Kappahl recently.

So on sunday, I grabbed my family and we spent a whole day at the beach. It was 23 degrees in the water, truly amazing. I bathed so many times, and luckily I had three changes with me – so I could be dry, stylish and take these pictures to show you how we can be stylish, classy and cool at the beach. Even when it is so hard to find the perfect swimwear when you got curves. Plus size swimwear – store størrelser badetøy.




This is a pretty swimsuit, has some light support on the fabric. Looks great when you have larger breasts. Makes a beautiful figure for us curvy ladies. It is also available in black but I love this bold red. It paired really well wit the stripped shirt from the regular sizes collection at Kappahl.

Swimsuit available here and shirt available here

(the bag and slip ons are from my archive, bought around 3 years ago in Brazil)





This outfit is made of Pet Bottles – how fantastic? I love the colours and the design. The frills details on the swimsuit are trendy feminine and super cool. There is a padding under so the breasts get a bit more support and shape. It is available in the regular sizes line but goes up to XL. I would size down to get it a bit tighter. The Kaftan can be used openly as I did or closed as a dress. Comes with a belt in the same fabric for easier adjustment.

Swimsuit available here / Kaftan available here / sunglasses available here




I am not able to choose but I’d say this may be my favourite look of the day. It was so comfortable to have on. I love the ultra high waisted bottom. The frills on the bra is so cute. This bra has a padding and wire support. You can detach the straps or use just one behind your neck. It is flattering and vintage looking, which I love for beachwear. The kaftan has a super light fabric and I will wear it with jeans and t-shirt too. I love to add beachwear to my everyday looks.

Bikini top available here / Bikini bottom available here  /  Kaftan available here / sunglasses available here

How are you wearing your swimwear this summer?

Lets get in touch!


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  1. Nossa que lugar e que looks incríveis! Sou sua fã!


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