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The Fall Curvy Guide for you to easily rock this season’s colour palette

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Back to work! 1 jeans – 2 fun looks to get over the end-of-summer blues

The Fall Curvy Guide for you to easily rock this season’s colour palette

The Fall Curvy Guide for you to easily rock this season’s colour palette

Every year I get convinced that Fall is my favourite season when it comes to colour, beautiful days and amazing outfits. This season’s palette is just on point, with a good touch of warm terracotta, orange and yellow tones, in balance with greens, pinks and dazzling purples. When I coloured my hair dark pink a couple of weeks ago, everything made more sense heehhee. And now I guess all is in harmony on my latest picks from these cool pieces in stores (and many on sale) now! Check this out!

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gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 4

I have been waiting for this coat since late last summer. It is even more beautiful than I could imagine. The velour is shiny, the fit is good, perfect lining inside and veeery warm. Last Saturday I wore it during the night and I could easily have a singlet and the coat only. It is available in stores and online now. I got mine at Zizzi Oslo City – follow them and get in touch.


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 1


The dress is beautiful, modern and romantic. Flattering for all body types preferably with a belt or a bum bag – I’d keep a focus on the waistline anyway. It runs a bit oversized but I wouldn’t go a size smaller because it needs the flow for the perfect fitting.

I would love to wear this one too. So cool!


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 2

gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 17

I did have fun with this look. And I love it. Get the look:

Coat available here / Dress available here – Or if you are in Oslo, head to Zizzi Oslo City


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 3






I think this was the most spontaneous, fast and unplanned outfit that turned out fun and cool. The cold colours just blend in an altogether harmony, I really like how the green faux-fur paired well with this early autumn Zizzi dress – and now for half price!!!

This week the days got slightly colder so I would add a thin layer of cashmere or lurex for a more party (ish) version.


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 11 gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 10


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 14


Get the look:

Dress available here (50% off) / Coat available here  – – Or if you are in Oslo, head to Zizzi Oslo City




gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 6 gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 9


This outfit made my day happier. Colours really do have that effect on us. If you are more on the “basic” side of the force 🙂 and wish to add some colours to your daily looks, this dress and coat can be your best friends of the season.


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 8


Wrap dresses are flattering for almost anyone. They embrace our curves and make a fluid feminine figure. It is from Zhenzi, have you checked them out yet? Their autumn collection is full of beautiful and elegant prints like the one I am wearing in the picture.

For the styling, if you do not want to go all in with colours on the tights, try wearing jeans instead. Makes the outfit cool, youthful and modern. Plus, it’s just very practical to wear jeans, right?

gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 7


The checked coat is a must-have. It’s warm, neutral and one of the most important pieces of the season. This one is from Kappahl.


gisella-francisca-autumn-colors-wrap-dress-curvy 16


Get the look:

dress available here / Coat available here / Scarf available here

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