NYE outfit

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NYE outfit

NYE outfit

Woke up about 10 in the morning of the 31st of December. Had a good sleep, felt fresh… even took a silly selfie with an iced coffee while the winter is in full bloom here in Oslo. Good start of the end of 2019.

The lady who does my nails is a sweetheart, she likes me. We go along well although we cannit communicate properly. Our Norwegian is getting better tho. I got red with a matte finish and some silver holographic glitter.

People, did I came prepared? On the previous evening, I made one of our favourites – my black olives mousse. The day after I piped them into the crispy little “baskets” we got from Ikea. Popped some scallions and voilá… it looked fancy together with Foie Gras and real champagne hahahha. We had mini burgers, people! We also had Foie Gras and a good chevre. We had a blast basically. With no effort, really. Have a look at their options – Picard (advert)

Anyways, it was super nice day. Mikkel and I wore the same colors on the face. I had a smoke ble eye with golden glitter all over the lid, up to the brow bone.

Mikkel had blue stripes under his brow bone and a stroke of golden glitter by the base of his eyebrows. He said: Mama I am so cool hahahahhaa

He went to bed ad we finished the wine. Watched videos, played music, danced and passed out in bed. Woke up sleepy but fresh.

We just had brunch and will soon make some cream for our cake. Sweet start, 2020. <3

Which look should I wear?

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