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A perfect 14 

New documentary reveals the struggle of making a name and a successful modelling carreer when you are considerd bigger and totally out of the standards of the fashion industry.

“The trio of plus size models have become the subjects of a new documentary titled ‘A Perfect 14,’ which follows their struggles to make a name for themselves in an industry dominated by painfully restrictive beauty standards perpetuated by equally narrow-minded mass media.
The documentary, produced by Canadian filmmakers James Early O’Brien and Giovanna Morales Vargas, offers an unflinching look at the modelling business and its often unforgiving treatment of women with curves.

Read more here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2614202/Reshaping-world-New-documentary-A-Perfect-14-plus-size-models-sheds-light-dark-fashion-industry.html#ixzz3077ayHXN


O documentário “A Perfect 14” produzido pelos canadenses ames Early O’Brien e Giovanna Morales Vargas mostra a luta que é fazer uma carreira de modelo plus size na indústria da moda.

O filme acompanha a vida de três modelos – Elly Mayday, Laura Wells and Kerosene Deluxe e discute a contrução da imagem da mulher na midia e como essas imagens vêm colaborando pra falta de auto estima e má qualidade de vida feminina.

Eles estão tentando levantar dinheiro pra pós produção. Eu imagino que não há muitos patrocinadores no projeto e dá pra entender o motivo.
Vale a pena ver o trailler.

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