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Blazer and dress: a colorful plus size look

Blazer and dress: a colorful plus size look

Love me some colors, love me a dress and love me a blazer! So, ain’t this the perfect plus size outfit for the days when we want to look colorful and elegant?  

When I wore this look I was at Rio. It made so much sense to rock colors and play in mu hometown. It feels just rights to wear dresses and blazers paired in one outfit. What I love about these specific pieces is their lenghts. And the colors/print, of course.

To find the right plus size blazer can be a real nightmare. This is one from one of my favorite brazilian plus size brands – Mellbout.

To achieve a certain level of color blocking, I paired with pink sandals and my lovely celine classic blur lisard bag, One chic look!


gisella-francisca-vestido-estampado-plus-size-verao-mellbout-2 gisella-francisca-vestido-estampado-plus-size-verao-mellbout-3 gisella-francisca-vestido-estampado-plus-size-verao-mellbout-4 gisella-francisca-vestido-estampado-plus-size-verao-mellbout-5

Ganhe um look Mellbout

Ganhe um look Mellbout

This is a giveaway for my Brazilian readers. I am very happy to announce another partnership of brand & style consultancy for the brand Mellbout. They are an upcoming brand from the south of Brazil that debuted the market with their previous winter collection. 

Their products are very high quality with refined design and finish. I am proud to be an embassador.

And to celebrate we are promoting this giveaway.


gisella francisca sorteio look plus size

Look Plus Size retrô

Look Plus Size retrô

I am very very fascinated by the past decades when it comes to fashion, decor, art and archtecture. Have always been. For this reason I have such a strong vintage “perfum” in my style – the 50s and 60s are my great inspirations. Clothes, makeup styles, furniture and the mid century houses, they are my all time favorites. But i must say I do not think to much about it as it just comes naturally.

Last week I wanted to wear this top that came in with several other pieces for an exclusive preview of Brazillian  plus size brand Mellbout. This top has such a beautiful yellow hue for my skintone. A soft and resistant fabric, good fit. Also, I love the sleeves. It is a hit in the plus size closet. The neckline flatters us plus size gorgeous ladies for giving this opening in the chest that allow our images to kind of “breath”. 

The mid skirt just paired so well. With the belt it flattered my curves and gave me this retro look that I like so. Not too loose, not too tight, just perfect! I’m in love. The red leather scarpin and bag helped with a hint of color. Love the result. 

3/4 sleeves, mid skirts and acentuated waistline. Just so me. 

Top Mellbut Plus Size

Skirt Zizzi

Sapato Maria Bonita Extra (brazilian brand)

Bag Céline 

gisella francisca look vintage plus size 4gisella francisca look vintage plus size 5
gisella francisca look vintage plus size 6gisella francisca look vintage plus size 8gisella francisca look vintage plus size 9gisella-francisca-look-vintage-plus-size-16-gisella-francisca-look-vintage-plus-size-14gisella francisca look vintage plus size 7gisella francisca look vintage plus size 11gisella francisca look vintage plus size 10

Vestido Wrap

Vestido Wrap

A wrap-type dress is a must have for the plus size closet. It’s been a favorite forever, remember this post here?  It fits almost every body shapes, I’d say it is a champion, indeed. But there are a few tips to pick the right one for you – they helped me to pick the one in the pictures. Check this out.

gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 5

There are zillion options of wrap dress in the market and we are thankful for that. The shape is gorgeous, fits every lady, every ocasion, every fabric, fail-proff material. But, one has to be aware of the type of fabric to choose. The most light ones and a no-no. You don’t want a revealling dress, you want a good fit, perfect shape and it can be achieved when the dress is made of thicker but not too warm material. Be aware of the fit on the shoulders too, they make all the difference. Despite of prints or lenghts, the perfect wrap dress comes in a more bodied fabric, ok?

This ne is from brazillian new plus size brand Mellbout.

Fotos da Yuri Matsumi

gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 1 gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 3 gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 6gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 2 gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 4 gisella-francisca-vestido-plus size-Mellbout 7 gisella francisca vestido crepe plus size Mellbout 5

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